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These hilarious stories, while entertaining, go to show you that burglars are not the sharpest tools in the shed when it comes to their criminal endeavors. It’s quite astonishing how their lack of intelligence and attention to detail leads them to make such comical mistakes. From getting stuck in chimneys to leaving behind their own identification, these burglars certainly don’t prioritize safety or logical thinking. It’s a good reminder for all of us to take our own safety seriously and ensure that we are not providing any opportunities for these bumbling criminals to take advantage of our carelessness.

Here are 9 amusing stories of burglars’ mishaps that we’ve come across on the internet.

1. One thief neglected to log out of a social media account after accessing it from a victim’s residence. 

2. A robber shared photos of his stolen items on his Facebook page, with a former court official as one of his contacts. 

3. Two robbers broke into a grocery store and the first one yelled “Nobody move!”, but when his partner did, the stunned burglar shot him. 

4. Peter Addison, an 18-year-old, left his name at the scene of the crime – “Peter Addison was here!” 

5. A thief opted to pay a restitution for a robbery instead of going to jail, but he presented a counterfeit check and ended up in prison. 

6. A robber entered a bank through a window on the street level, but found he couldn’t access the money and had to climb back out the same way. In the process, he cut himself and eventually called for help. 

7. Someone called to check how much money was in the register before showing up, which made the clerk alert the police and the suspect was apprehended. Reports stated that the same person had done two similar cases. 

8. A thief wore the same shoes he had stolen on the day of his trial. 

9. When the judge asked an eyewitness to identify the grocery store burglar, he pointed to Newton. Newton denied the accusation and said, “I should have blown your ****ing face off!” with a follow-up, “Had I been the person there.” Newton was convicted.

It’s truly remarkable how certain burglars disregard basic logic and make imprudent choices that ultimately result in their arrest. By recounting these stories, we can gain insights from their errors and implement measures to safeguard our residences and possessions. Remember, installing home security systems and adopting sound safety practices can discourage potential burglars and establish a more secure setting for ourselves and our dear ones. In the event of any incident, it is advisable to immediately contact the authorities, followed by reaching out to Best Board Up for reliable property protection services.

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