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Four burglaries have been reported along Ventura Boulevard around the same time on Friday morning. The burglary crew struck all four San Fernando Valley businesses within 20 minutes during an overnight crime spree.

Equvalence shoe store in Encino was raided by a gang of hooded suspects around 3:30 in the morning according to surveillance video. Owners stated that the thieves got away with merchandise totaling more than $120,000 in value.

Soon after, three suspects were seen carrying a crowbar and a number of tools along Ventura Boulevard as they headed west toward Bliss Pharmacy in Woodland Hills.  The pharmacy owner told KTLA that this was the second robbery attempt made in the span of only two weeks. In a quick hurry, the suspects moved next door to Bliss Nail Salon and proceeded to break through the front entrance.

That wasn’t all, the burglars were seen destroying the front window of Michael’s Custom Clothes in Sherman Oaks being interrupted by a blaring alarm. 

There have been no arrests made thus far. According to The Los Angeles Police Department up to eight people could have been participating  in all of these crimes.

In times of crisis, it is imperative that safety is not compromised. Protect what matters most by entrusting professionals to protect your homes and businesses from rising property crimes. If safety concerns do arise, quickly investing in a property board up can further decrease the risk of robbery by:

Deterrence: It acts as a visible barrier, dissuading possible intruders.

Prevention: Securing entry areas makes it harder for thieves to enter your property.

Protection: Helps protect your property against vandalism, theft, and weather damage.

Reduced Visibility: Limits visibility into the property, making it less tempting for burglars to intrude.

Remember, when it’s comes to your business and personal  safety, acting quick and getting help from reliable experts is crucial.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to Best Board Up today and get more details on how you can best protect your home.

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