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Living in a densely populated city like Los Angeles presents challenges when it comes to trusting your neighbors. Gone are the days when you could leave your keys in the sun visor of your truck without worry. With a surge in break-ins, it has become crucial to protect your assets at all costs. 

Lenora Claire, a recent victim of a storage break-in at her Los Angeles apartment, described the security breach to Crosstown  as deeply unsettling and a direct threat to her safety. She emphasized that it’s not just the loss of property that is distressing, but “It’s what this means about how easy it is for them to get into our home.”

There were 14,915 reported burglaries in 2022.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, there were 14,915 reported burglaries in 2022, marking an increase compared to the previous two years. This alarming trend highlights the need for heightened security measures.

It’s not only residential properties and personal belongings that are targeted. Even well-known establishments, small businesses, and restaurants are not immune to these crimes. Just last week, on September 22, 2023, NBCLA reported that five restaurants fell victim to the latest wave of “smash and grab” criminals who swiftly burglarized them within hours.

In one incident, four masked thieves forcefully entered Jar restaurant on Beverly Boulevard, using crowbars to shatter the windows in order to gain entry into the safe. Unable to open, the thieves stole the entire safe unknowingly filled with $2000. 

It’s scary, this needs to stop right away.

“They just come in, they smash open your cabinet. They have no regard for anything, no regard for anything that you work for,” said Jar’s owner Suzanne Tracht, who was previously featured on the show “Top Chef. “It’s scary, this needs to stop right away,” she told NBCLA. 

These incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of implementing effective security measures and remaining vigilant in order to safeguard our homes, businesses, and personal belongings. It is essential for individuals and communities to work together and take proactive steps to deter criminals and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Here are 10 factors that make homes an easy target for intruders:

  1. Lack of Security Measures: Homes without sturdy locks, security cameras, or alarm systems are more enticing to burglars.
  2. Poorly Lit Surroundings: Dark areas surrounding a home provide cover for intruders, making it easier for them to go unnoticed and gain access.
  3. Unsecured Entry Points: Doors and windows left unlocked or vulnerable to forced entry are prime opportunities for intruders.
  4. Valuables in Plain Sight: Leaving valuable items visible from outside, such as electronics or jewelry, can attract intruders who see an opportunity for theft.
  5. Absence of Surveillance: The lack of visible security cameras or signs indicating monitoring can make a home more appealing to intruders.
  6. Drug-Related Activities: Some intruders target homes in search of drugs or engage in drug-related activities, assuming the homeowner is involved in drug trafficking or storing illegal substances.
  7. Squatting or Occupancy: Intruders may break into vacant or abandoned homes to squat or occupy the property illegally, taking advantage of neglected or foreclosed properties.
  8. Vandalism or Graffiti: Intruders with no specific motive may break into homes to vandalize or deface the property, causing destruction for the sake of it.
  9. Personal Disputes or Conflicts: In some cases, intruders break into homes as an act of revenge, harassment, or intimidation, motivated by personal disputes with the homeowner or residents.
  10. Easy Access Points: Homes with easily accessible entry points, such as unlocked gates or low fences, are more vulnerable to intruders.

Ensuring the safety and security of your property should be your utmost concern. In the event that a trespasser becomes aware of your home and decides to target it, it is crucial to take appropriate measures to protect your home and minimize future risks. If a break-in occurs, it is imperative to promptly notify the authorities and file a police report. Additionally, it is advisable to reach out to a reputable company that specializes in clean-up and board-up services, such as Best Board Up, to swiftly restore your home to a secure state. Your personal safety should always take precedence.

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